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Dr. M. Wettstein
M.Wettstein holds a PhD in communication sciences. Currently employed as a senior research and teaching assistant at the department "Media Psychology & -Effects at the Institute of Mass Communication and Media Research at the University of Zürich.
Main Research intereests: Quantitative Content Analysis; Statistical Methods; Political Communication; Social Media; Public Opinion Research.
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Martin was born and raised in the beautiful canton of Nidwladen, located between the lake of four cantons and the northern border of the alps.
Today, he lives in Neuhausen SH with his wonderful wife Regina and his Children Timo and Elanor.
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Thor has been a member of the student fraternity Neu-Welfen in Zürich since 2001 and a member of the student fraternity Struthonia in Stans since 1999.
He is currently part of the senior board of the Struthonia.
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The online avatar Tarlanc is active in a row of bulletin boards, gaming portals and online discussions. His passions are Tetris, quick minigames, and discussions on life science, Tolkien, sociology, quackery and scientific theory.
Since 2006 he is moderator of the German forum 'Grenzwissen'.
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The ranting Swiss
Between 2002 and 2008, The ranting Swiss was a blog featuring small and presumably humorous entries on society, current events, and their media coverage. While the original blog has been capsized by some cybercriminals in need of insecure proxies, all entries may still be found as facebook notes on my profile.
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Guy behind the Keyboard
Recently, Martin Wettstein has developed and published some programs indended to support fellow academics in their work.
Among these programs there is Angrist, a coder interface for quantitative content analysis; Nogrod, a GUI for reshaping and quickly analyzing data in CSV and Text format; Aeglos, a program for trained automated content analysis.
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Whenever time, motivation, and inspiration allow it, Tin unleashes his creativity to paint, sculpt, write, draw, or film some addition to the world wide web.

All pages below have been under heavy construction for some time and will be completed some time soon.
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